Scoring Summary


1stOhtani scored on passed ball by catcher Garver.10
2ndW. Calhoun doubled to right, Culberson scored.11
3rdTrout doubled to right, Wade scored.21
3rdMayfield reached on infield single to third, Trout scored on throwing error by third baseman Ibáñez, Ward to third.31
3rdDuffy singled to right, Ward scored, Mayfield to third.41
3rdGarcía homered to left (400 feet), Lowe scored.43
6thVelazquez singled to right, Adell scored.53
6thWade singled to right center, Velazquez scored.63
8thOhtani grounded into fielder's choice to second, Suzuki scored, Wade out at second, Velazquez to third.73
8thMarsh grounded into fielder's choice to second, Velazquez scored, Ohtani out at second.83
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