Scoring Summary


1stPolanco grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Buxton scored, Correa out at second, Arraez to third.01
2ndBuxton doubled to right, Jeffers scored.02
2ndArraez singled to center, Buxton scored.03
4thJeffers homered to left (392 feet).04
4thBuxton homered to left (407 feet).05
4thLarnach singled to left center, Correa scored and Polanco scored, Kepler to third.07
5thArraez singled to right, Jeffers scored, Arraez to second, Buxton thrown out at third.08
6thAbreu homered to right (396 feet).18
7thArraez singled to left, Gordon scored, Buxton to third.19
8thAbreu grounded out to third, Mendick scored.29
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