Scoring Summary


3rdSpringer singled to left, Katoh scored.01
4thHernández hit sacrifice fly to center, Bogaerts scored.11
4thEspinal singled to center, Guerrero Jr. scored, Collins to second.12
8thStory doubled to deep center, Devers scored, Vázquez to third.22
8thVerdugo hit sacrifice fly to left, Vázquez scored, Story to third.32
8thBogaerts doubled to left, Story scored.42
8thHernández reached on infield single to third, Bogaerts scored.52
9thEspinal doubled to deep right, Tapia scored.53
9thSpringer homered to center (423 feet), Espinal scored.55
10thTapia hit sacrifice fly to left, Bichette scored.56
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