Scoring Summary


1stStephenson doubled to left, Friedl scored, Pham to third.01
1stNaquin tripled to deep right center, Pham scored, Stephenson scored and Moran scored.04
2ndStephenson doubled to left, Friedl scored, Pham scored and Drury scored, Stephenson safe at third on throwing error by shortstop Adames.07
3rdYelich homered to left (372 feet), Cain scored and Peterson scored.37
4thRenfroe homered to right (339 feet).47
5thFarmer hit sacrifice fly to center, Moran scored.48
8thRenfroe homered to left (421 feet).58
8thPham singled to left, Farmer scored and Friedl scored, Drury to second.510
8thMoustakas singled to center, Drury scored, Pham to second.511
8thMoran homered to left (369 feet), Moustakas scored and Stephenson scored.514
9thPeterson homered to right (349 feet).614
9thBrosseau homered to left (354 feet), Wong scored.814
9thTellez singled to center, Yelich scored.914
9thUrías doubled to left, Tellez scored.1014
9thNarváez doubled to deep center, Urías scored.1114