Scoring Summary


1stSeager homered to left (388 feet).01
3rdWard homered to center (419 feet).11
3rdRendon homered to left (400 feet), Trout scored.31
4thCalhoun homered to right center (411 feet), García scored.33
7thTrout homered to left (412 feet).43
8thGarcía reached on infield single to second, Seager scored on throwing error by second baseman Rengifo.44
8thLowe singled to deep right center, García scored, Calhoun to second, Heim to third.45
8thHuff singled to right, Calhoun scored and Heim scored, Lowe to third.47
8thWhite singled to left, Lowe scored on error, Huff scored on fielding error by left fielder Marsh and White scored.410
9thRendon singled to center, Wade scored.510
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