Scoring Summary


1stMcNeil singled to right, Canha scored and Nimmo scored, Alonso to second.02
2ndPujols singled to right, Dickerson scored and Carlson scored.22
5thAlonso singled to left, Canha scored, Lindor to second.23
5thEscobar hit sacrifice fly to left, Lindor scored.24
5thDo. Smith singled to shallow left, Alonso scored, McNeil to third.25
5thGuillorme sacrificed to first, McNeil scored, Do. Smith to second.26
8thArenado homered to left (370 feet), Goldschmidt scored.46
8thNimmo tripled to left, Jankowski scored.47
8thCanha singled to left, Nimmo scored.48
8thAlonso homered to center (404 feet), Canha scored and Lindor scored.411
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