Scoring Summary


1stAlonso singled to right, Nimmo scored, Lindor to second.01
1stMcNeil grounded into fielder's choice to pitcher, Lindor scored, Alonso third.02
2ndYepez homered to center (414 feet).12
3rdGoldschmidt homered to left (390 feet).22
5thGoldschmidt doubled to right, Edman scored.32
5thNimmo grounded out to first, Guillorme scored.33
5thMcNeil singled to center, Canha scored and Lindor scored, Alonso to third.35
7thGoldschmidt sacrificed into double play, left to second, Edman scored, Donovan thrown out at second.45
9thGoldschmidt reached on infield single to third, Bader scored, Donovan to second, Donovan safe at third on fielding error by third baseman Escobar.55
10thPujols grounded into double play, second to shortstop to first, Dickerson scored, Carlson out at second.65
10thAlonso homered to left (447 feet), Lindor scored.67
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