Scoring Summary


2ndMoore homered to center (403 feet), Suárez scored and Toro scored.30
2ndFrance doubled to right, Frazier scored.40
2ndStory homered to center (402 feet), Verdugo scored.42
3rdStory homered to left (403 feet), Martinez scored.44
6thStory reached on infield single to second, Verdugo scored on throwing error by center fielder Rodríguez, Story to second.45
6thBradley Jr. doubled to center, Story scored.46
7thDalbec walked, Martinez scored, Story to second, Verdugo to third.47
7thVázquez hit by pitch, Verdugo scored, Dalbec to second, Story to third.48
7thBradley Jr. walked, Story scored, Vázquez to second, Dalbec to third.49
8thMoore walked, Suárez scored, Toro to second, Torrens to third.59
8thStory homered to left (358 feet), Martinez scored and Verdugo scored.512
9thRodríguez homered to left (366 feet).612
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