Scoring Summary


1stRodríguez singled to left, France scored, Crawford to third.10
1stWinker grounded out to second, Crawford scored, Rodríguez to third.20
1stSuárez singled to left, Rodríguez scored.30
1stFord reached on infield single to shortstop, Suárez scored, Toro to second.40
3rdTorrens singled to right, Ford scored.50
3rdDevers homered to right center (413 feet).51
5thDevers homered to left center (386 feet), Hernández scored.53
5thDalbec singled to center, Martinez scored, Bogaerts to third.54
5thStory hit sacrifice fly to center, Bogaerts scored.55
8thVázquez singled to deep center, Cordero scored.56
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