Scoring Summary


1stDevers singled to center, Hernández scored on fielding error by left fielder Santander, Devers to second.01
1stBogaerts homered to left (423 feet), Devers scored and Martinez scored.04
2ndVerdugo hit a ground rule double to deep center, Devers scored and Martinez scored, Bogaerts to third.06
4thSantander homered to right (419 feet), Mancini scored.26
4thMartinez doubled to deep center, Devers scored.27
5thVázquez reached on infield single to second, Cordero scored.28
7thMateo homered to left center (391 feet), Odor scored and Urías scored.58
8thHays homered to left (413 feet), Santander scored.78
8thUrías reached on infield single to third, Odor scored on throwing error by third baseman Devers, Urías to second.88
9thSantander singled to right, Mullins scored, McKenna to third.98
9thSantander scored on Sawamura wild pitch, Rutschman to second on wild pitch by Sawamura, Hays to third on wild pitch by Sawamura.108
9thMountcastle hit sacrifice fly to center, Hays scored.118
9thOdor singled to left, Rutschman scored.128
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