Scoring Summary


2ndDalbec homered to left (390 feet), Vázquez scored.02
2ndCordero homered to center (448 feet).03
3rdDevers homered to right (434 feet).04
4thArroyo homered to left (409 feet).05
4thHernández homered to left (380 feet).06
5thMancini singled to right, Mullins scored.16
5thVázquez doubled to deep right, Bogaerts scored on error, Vázquez safe at third on throwing error by second baseman Odor.17
8thCordero doubled to deep right, Plawecki scored and Dalbec scored, Bradley Jr. to third.19
8thMartinez walked, Bradley Jr. scored, Devers to second, Cordero to third.110
8thBogaerts doubled to left, Cordero scored and Devers scored, Martinez to third.112
9thOwings grounded into fielder's choice to second, Rutschman scored on throwing error by shortstop Bogaerts, McKenna out at second.212
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