22-23, 12-11 away
19-30, 6-17 home

Scoring Summary

3rdSeager homered to center (418 feet), Semien scored.20
3rdGarcía homered to left (402 feet).30
3rdLowe tripled to deep right, Calhoun scored.40
4thNeuse grounded out to second, Andrus scored.41
5thIbáñez singled to left, Calhoun scored, Lowe to second.51
5thSemien homered to center (395 feet), Lowe scored, Ibáñez scored and Culberson scored.91
5thCalhoun singled to right, Seager scored, García to third.101
5thLaureano homered to left (397 feet).102
6thSemien walked, Lowe scored, White to second, Culberson to third.112
6thNeuse singled to right, Bethancourt scored, Brown to third.113
7thAndrus grounded into fielder's choice to third, Laureano scored, Pinder out at third.114