Scoring Summary


1stSeager homered to right center (395 feet).10
3rdMiller homered to left (360 feet).20
5thMiller singled to right, Lowe scored, Ibáñez to third.30
5thSemien singled to right, Ibáñez scored, Miller to second.40
5thMurphy doubled to left, Lowrie scored.41
5thAndrus doubled to deep center, Murphy scored, Barrera to third.42
5thAndrus scored on error, Pache safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Ibáñez, Smith to second.43
8thPinder singled to center, Kemp scored on error by left fielder Culberson, Pinder safe at second, Laureano safe at third.44
8thNeuse grounded into fielder's choice to second, Laureano scored on throwing error by second baseman Semien, Murphy to second, Pinder to third.45
9thSemien scored on Jiménez wild pitch.55
9thLowrie singled to left center, Pache scored.56
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