Scoring Summary

2ndSánchez homered to left center (415 feet).10
3rdHill homered to left (355 feet).11
4thMiranda homered to left (372 feet), Urshela scored.31
4thTorkelson doubled to deep left center, Candelario scored.32
4thW. Castro singled to center, Torkelson scored.33
5thCandelario singled to shallow center, Schoop scored.34
6thUrshela homered to left (406 feet).44
7thTorkelson reached on infield single to first, Candelario scored on throwing error by first baseman Miranda, Torkelson to second.45
7thW. Castro singled to right center, Torkelson scored.46
8thUrshela doubled to left, Sánchez scored on fielding error by left fielder W. Castro.56
8thBáez reached on infield single to third, Hill scored on throwing error by third baseman Urshela.57