Scoring Summary


1stTrout homered to center (399 feet), Ohtani scored.02
2ndArroyo grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Story scored, Vázquez out at second, Verdugo to third.12
2ndDalbec singled to right, Verdugo scored, Arroyo to second.22
2ndHernández singled to right center, Arroyo scored, Dalbec to third.32
2ndVelazquez grounded into fielder's choice to second, Lagares scored on error, Wade safe at second on fielding error by first baseman Dalbec.33
3rdStassi hit a ground rule double to deep right, Adell scored.34
5thAdell doubled to deep center, Rengifo scored.35
6thDalbec singled to left, Verdugo scored.45
7thStory reached on infield single to pitcher, Devers scored, Martinez to second.55
10thVázquez singled to right, Story scored.65
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