Scoring Summary


1stContreras scored on error, Wisdom safe at first on fielding error by third baseman Drury, Happ safe at third on error.01
2ndOrtega hit sacrifice fly to left, Higgins scored.02
2ndWisdom homered to left (401 feet), Bote scored, Morel scored and Happ scored.06
3rdMorel singled to center, Gomes scored, Higgins to second.07
4thVotto reached on infield single to second, Pham scored on throwing error by shortstop Hoerner, Votto to second.17
6thVotto homered to right (418 feet).27
6thWisdom homered to left center (397 feet).28
6thGomes doubled to left, Hoerner scored.29
7thCrook doubled to left, Morel scored.210
8thFarmer singled to shallow left, Pham scored, Votto to second.310
8thMoustakas singled to right, Votto scored, Farmer to second.410
8thHiggins homered to left (390 feet), Hoerner scored.412
8thMorel homered to left (440 feet).413
8thVelazquez doubled to left, Contreras scored and Crook scored.415
9thPham homered to left (398 feet), Schrock scored and Papierski scored.715
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