44-45, 25-20 away
49-42, 26-20 home

Scoring Summary

1stAbreu singled to right center, Anderson scored.10
1stVaughn singled to shallow left center, Abreu scored, Sheets to third.20
2ndUrshela doubled to left, Miranda scored.21
4thRobert homered to left (452 feet), Zavala scored, Anderson scored and Moncada scored.61
6thRobert singled to left, Anderson scored, Robert to second, Moncada to third.71
6thAbreu hit sacrifice fly to right, Moncada scored, Robert to third.81
7thVaughn homered to center (444 feet).91
9thZavala homered to left (385 feet), Pollock scored and Harrison scored.121
9thGarlick homered to left (378 feet).122