Scoring Summary


3rdProfar homered to left (370 feet).10
3rdBáez hit sacrifice fly to center, H. Castro scored, W. Castro to third.11
3rdHaase homered to right (355 feet), W. Castro scored, Greene scored and Cabrera scored.15
4thCandelario homered to left (404 feet).16
4thBáez doubled to deep center, H. Castro scored, W. Castro to third.17
4thGrossman grounded out to third, W. Castro scored, Báez to third.18
4thBáez scored on Gore wild pitch, Cabrera to second on wild pitch by Gore.19
5thGrisham doubled to deep right, Hosmer scored, Alfaro to third.29
5thKim singled to left, Alfaro scored and Grisham scored, Kim thrown out at second.49
5thCandelario homered to left (418 feet), Schoop scored.411
6thCabrera homered to left (373 feet).412
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