Scoring Summary


6thSemien tripled to left, Semien scored on fielding error by left fielder Adell.10
6thGarcía doubled to deep left, Heim scored.20
6thRengifo singled to left center, Marsh scored, Fletcher to second.21
9thDuran doubled to deep right center, Smith scored, Calhoun to third.31
9thCalhoun scored on error, Semien safe at first on fielding error by second baseman Rengifo, Duran safe at third on error.41
9thDuran scored, Semien stole third.51
9thTaveras singled to shallow left, Semien scored.61
9thHeim hit a ground rule double to deep right, Taveras scored.71
9thRengifo scored on error, Walsh safe at first on fielding error by first baseman Lowe, Walsh safe at second on error.72
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