Scoring Summary


3rdLowe singled to right, E. Hernández scored, Heim to third.10
3rdGarcía singled to right, Heim scored, Lowe to second.20
3rdOhtani homered to center (424 feet), Fletcher scored and Velazquez scored.23
4thSemien homered to center (403 feet), Smith scored and Viloria scored.53
5thStassi singled to left, Ward scored.54
6thViloria homered to center (421 feet), Smith scored.74
8thFletcher doubled to left, Marsh scored and Stassi scored.76
8thFletcher scored on Martin wild pitch, Ward to second on wild pitch by Martin, Ohtani to third on wild pitch by Martin.77
8thRengifo doubled to deep right, Ohtani scored and Ward scored.79
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