Scoring Summary


1stTellez singled to shallow left, Yelich scored.10
2ndNarváez homered to right (394 feet).20
2ndJ. Davis singled to shallow left, Arroyo scored.21
5thRenfroe homered to left (384 feet), McCutchen scored.41
7thWong hit sacrifice fly to center, Tellez scored.51
7thVázquez singled to left, J. Davis scored, Duran to second.52
7thBogaerts singled to right, Duran scored, Vázquez to third.53
7thMartinez hit sacrifice fly to right, Vázquez scored.54
8thAdames hit sacrifice fly to center, Caratini scored.64
9thUrías doubled to left, Wong scored.74
9thUrías scored on Sawamura wild pitch.84
9thTaylor homered to center (414 feet).94
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