Scoring Summary


1stOlson doubled to deep left, Swanson scored.10
1stRosario homered to right (364 feet), Olson scored and Riley scored.40
2ndHarris II homered to left (370 feet).50
2ndSwanson singled to right, Acuña Jr. scored.60
2ndRiley grounded into fielder's choice to second, Swanson scored, Olson out at second.70
2ndRosario doubled to deep center, Riley scored.80
2ndNimmo singled to center, Naquin scored, Nido to second, Guillorme thrown out at home.81
5thMcNeil singled to right, Lindor scored, Alonso to second.82
5thRuf doubled to deep right, McNeil scored and Alonso scored.84
5thEscobar singled to shallow left center, Ruf scored.85
9thContreras homered to right center (409 feet).95
9thMcNeil homered to left center (390 feet).96
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