Scoring Summary


1stAlonso singled to right, Marte scored, Lindor to third.01
1stVogelbach singled to right, Lindor scored, Alonso to third.02
3rdMcNeil singled to right, Lindor scored, McNeil to second.03
6thLindor doubled to deep center, Marte scored and Nimmo scored.05
7thAcuña Jr. singled to left, Arcia scored.15
7thOlson singled to right, Acuña Jr. scored, Riley to second.25
7thMcCann singled to left, Canha scored, Guillorme to second.26
7thMarte singled to right, Guillorme scored, Nimmo to second, McCann to third.27
7thLindor hit sacrifice fly to center, McCann scored, Nimmo to third.28
9thOlson singled to center, Riley scored.38
9thGrossman doubled to deep right center, Olson scored, d'Arnaud to third.48
9thContreras grounded out to shortstop, d'Arnaud scored.58
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