Scoring Summary


1stRodríguez scored on Dunning wild pitch, Winker to second on wild pitch by Dunning, France to third on wild pitch by Dunning.10
1stSuárez hit sacrifice fly to center, France scored.20
2ndHaggerty hit sacrifice fly to left, Raleigh scored.30
4thHeim doubled to left, García scored.31
4thCulberson reached on infield single to shortstop, Heim scored on error, Lowe to second, Lowe safe at third on throwing error by third baseman Suárez.32
4thDuran singled to center, Lowe scored, Culberson to third.33
4thThompson sacrificed to pitcher, Culberson scored, Duran to second.34
5thSeager homered to (416 feet).35
6thSuárez homered to left center (390 feet).45
6thSmith singled to right center, Duran scored, Thompson to second.46
8thGarcía grounded into fielder's choice to third, Smith scored, Seager out at second.47
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