Scoring Summary


2ndHeim tripled to deep left, García scored.01
2ndMathias homered to left (397 feet).02
4thNeuse homered to left (385 feet), Brown scored.22
4thHeim singled to center, Lowe scored, García to second.23
4thTaveras hit sacrifice fly to right, García scored.24
5thLowe homered to right (406 feet), Semien scored and Seager scored.27
6thMathias scored on Tapia wild pitch, Seager to second on wild pitch by Tapia, Semien to third on wild pitch by Tapia.28
7thLangeliers scored on Martin wild pitch.38
8thSemien singled to center, Duran scored, Thompson to third.39
8thSeager hit sacrifice fly to center, Thompson scored.310
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