Scoring Summary


1stMcCutchen homered to center (384 feet), Yelich scored.20
1stSuzuki doubled to deep right, Madrigal scored.21
1stReyes tripled to deep right, Suzuki scored.22
1stHapp reached on infield single to third, Reyes scored.23
2ndContreras hit sacrifice fly to center, Morel scored, Madrigal to third.24
3rdTellez homered to center (393 feet).34
3rdRenfroe homered to left center (427 feet), McCutchen scored.54
5thWisdom homered to center (413 feet), Madrigal scored.56
6thYelich grounded out to second, Urías scored, Taylor to third.66
6thAdames reached on infield single to third, Taylor scored, Adames safe at second on throwing error by shortstop Morel.76
6thMorel homered to left (374 feet), Happ scored.78