Scoring Summary


3rdSeager singled to left center, Thompson scored, Semien to second.10
4thArroyo doubled to right, Bogaerts scored and Verdugo scored.12
5thSeager doubled to deep right, Semien scored.22
5thGarcía grounded into fielder's choice to second, Seager scored, Lowe out at second.32
5thMathias singled to center, García scored, Taveras to third.42
6thVerdugo homered to center (408 feet).43
7thCalhoun hit sacrifice fly to left, Heim scored.53
7thSemien reached on infield single to shortstop, Taveras scored, Thompson to second, Mathias to third.63
8thGarcía homered to left (371 feet), Lowe scored.83
8thDevers doubled to deep center, Bogaerts scored.84
8thArroyo singled to center, Devers scored, Martinez to second.85
9thDevers doubled to left center, Pham scored and Verdugo scored, Bogaerts to third.87
9thHernández singled to right, Bogaerts scored, Arroyo to second, Devers to third.88
9thRefsnyder singled to left, Devers scored, Hernández to second, Arroyo to third.89
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