Scoring Summary

1stSantander homered to right (414 feet).01
2ndBiggio singled to right, Chapman scored.11
3rdKirk grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Springer scored, Bichette out at second.21
5thBichette grounded out to second, Springer scored, Guerrero Jr. to second.31
6thMountcastle doubled to deep right, Rutschman scored.32
8thHernández homered to center (415 feet).42
8thSantander homered to left (411 feet).43
9thSpringer singled to left, Gurriel Jr. scored, Espinal to second.53
9thGuerrero Jr. singled to center, Espinal scored, Springer to third.63
9thBichette singled to right, Springer scored, Guerrero Jr. to second.73