Scoring Summary


1stAdames doubled to right, Brosseau scored.10
1stMcCutchen doubled to deep center, Adames scored.20
1stArenado doubled to deep right center, Donovan scored and Edman scored.22
1stPujols singled to shallow right, Arenado scored.23
2ndAdames singled to center, Caratini scored, Brosseau to second, Taylor to third.33
2ndYelich grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Taylor scored, Adames out at second, Brosseau to third.43
2ndEdman singled to center, O'Neill scored.44
5thMcCutchen homered to left (385 feet), Renfroe scored.64
6thYelich hit by pitch, Taylor scored, Adames to second, Wong to third.74
8thRenfroe singled to center, Wong scored, Yelich to third.84