Scoring Summary


1stFlores reached on infield single to second, Wade Jr. scored, Pederson to second.10
1stBlackmon singled to left, Daza scored, Cron to second.11
2ndToglia tripled to deep left center, Montero scored.12
2ndTrejo singled to center, Toglia scored.13
3rdToglia tripled to deep right center, Joe scored.14
4thYastrzemski homered to center (430 feet).24
4thDaza doubled to center, McMahon scored.25
4thCron reached on infield single to shortstop, Daza scored, Cron to second.26
5thPederson hit sacrifice fly to left, Wade Jr. scored, Estrada to second.36
5thCrawford singled to right, Estrada scored.46
5thYastrzemski singled to right, Crawford scored, Villar to third.56
6thJoe doubled to deep left, Daza scored.57
9thFlores singled to center, Estrada scored.67
9thVillar doubled to deep right, Slater scored.77
10thEstrada homered to left (410 feet), Yastrzemski scored and Wade Jr. scored.107
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