55-93, 27-50 away
89-58, 51-22 home

Scoring Summary

4thAllen hit sacrifice fly to left, Castillo scored.10
5thBader singled to left, Cabrera scored.11
5thTrevino singled to center, Bader scored.12
6thDelay doubled to left center, Cruz scored and Suwinski scored.32
6thBader singled to right, Donaldson scored and Cabrera scored.34
7thReynolds homered to right (424 feet).44
8thReynolds reached on infield single to third, Delay scored, Hayes to second.54
8thCastro homered to right (371 feet), Hayes scored and Reynolds scored.84
9thJudge homered to left (430 feet) -- HR #60, 1 shy of tying AL record.85
9thStanton homered to left (410 feet), Rizzo scored, Torres scored and Peraza scored.89