Scoring Summary


1std'Arnaud doubled to center, Harris II scored.10
1stOlson doubled to right, d'Arnaud scored.20
1stSchwarber homered to right (349 feet).21
1stBohm singled to right, Hoskins scored, Harper to third.22
1stSegura grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Harper scored, Bohm out at second.23
2ndSwanson singled to right, Rosario scored.33
3rdSchwarber homered to left center (361 feet).34
4thSwanson homered to center (417 feet), Rosario scored.54
5thHarper hit sacrifice fly to right, Schwarber scored, Hoskins to third.55
5thBohm hit sacrifice fly to right, Hoskins scored.56
8thContreras scored, Rosario to third, Acuna Jr. to second on wild pitch by Robertson.66
11thAcuña Jr. singled to center, Heredia scored.76
11thHarris II singled to right, Acuña Jr. scored, Swanson to second.86
11thRealmuto singled to center, Marsh scored.87
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