Scoring Summary


1stHaniger homered to center (442 feet), Suárez scored.02
3rdHuff homered to center (421 feet).12
3rdSemien homered to left (400 feet), Smith scored.32
3rdGarcía homered to left (381 feet).42
3rdHaniger homered to left (346 feet), France scored.44
4thKelenic homered to left (375 feet), Winker scored.46
6thKelenic homered to right (386 feet).47
7thSemien homered to left (361 feet).57
7thLowe homered to right (398 feet).67
8thPlawecki grounded into double play, shortstop to second to first, Thompson scored, Huff out at second.77
10thCalhoun singled to deep right, García scored.87
10thRaleigh hit sacrifice fly to left, Haggerty scored, Suárez to second.88
11thSemien hit sacrifice fly to right, Taveras scored.98
11thTorrens singled to right, Kelenic scored, Moore to second.99
11thCrawford reached on infield single to third, Moore scored, Torrens to second.910
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