Scoring Summary


2ndJansen singled to left, Hernández scored, Tapia to third.01
2ndTapia scored on Bello wild pitch, Jansen to second on wild pitch by Bello.02
3rdJansen doubled to right, Tapia scored and Hernández scored, Jansen to third.04
5thHernández homered to center (411 feet).05
5thJansen homered to left (349 feet).06
5thGuerrero Jr. hit a ground rule double to deep right, Springer scored, Bichette to third.07
8thHernández doubled to deep right, Moreno scored, Chapman to third.08
8thTapia singled to right, Chapman scored, Hernández to third.09
8thJansen hit sacrifice fly to right, Hernández scored, Tapia to second.010
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