Scoring Summary


1stSchwarber stole home, Harper stole second.10
1stGarcía singled to right center, Thomas scored, Meneses to second.11
2ndMeneses doubled to left, Abrams scored, Adams scored and Thomas scored.14
2ndVoit homered to center (410 feet), Meneses scored.16
4thCastellanos singled to left, Realmuto scored.26
4thSegura grounded out to second, Castellanos scored, Marsh to third.36
4thStott reached on bunt single to third, Marsh scored.46
5thMeneses homered to right (391 feet).47
7thGarcía singled to left, Meneses scored, Voit to third.48
7thVargas singled to right, Voit scored, Call to second, García to third.49
7thRobles hit sacrifice fly to center, García scored.410
8thGarcía homered to right center (404 feet), Meneses scored and Voit scored.413
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