Scoring Summary


2ndBote homered to right (337 feet), Hoerner scored and Higgins scored.30
2ndBarrero scored, Romine to second on passed ball by Higgins.31
3rdSteer singled to left, Fairchild scored.32
6thHiggins walked, Wisdom scored, Hoerner to second, Velazquez to third.42
6thBote doubled to center, Velazquez scored and Hoerner scored, Higgins to third.62
6thMcKinstry homered to right (394 feet), Higgins scored and Bote scored.92
7thReyes singled to center, Wisdom scored.102
7thHiggins doubled to right center, Hoerner scored and Reyes scored.122
7thMorel singled to center, Higgins scored, Bote to second.132
8thReyes homered to right (348 feet), Velazquez scored.152
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