Scoring Summary


1stVarsho doubled to right, Springer scored, Bichette to third.10
1stKirk singled to center, Bichette scored and Varsho scored.30
1stArenado singled to left, Donovan scored, Nootbaar to third.31
2ndBichette doubled to right, Springer scored.41
3rdO'Neill homered to center, Contreras scored.43
4thVarsho hit sacrifice fly to left, Springer scored.53
4thDonovan homered to right center (388 feet), Edman scored.55
6thGoldschmidt singled to right, Donovan scored, Nootbaar to third.56
7thChapman singled to right, Lukes scored.66
7thWalker grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Contreras scored, Gorman out at second, O'Neill to third.67
8thGuerrero Jr. singled to right, Springer scored and Bichette scored, Guerrero Jr. to second.87
8thArenado hit a ground rule double, Goldschmidt scored and Nootbaar scored.89
9thSpringer reached on infield single to shortstop, Merrifield scored, Kiermaier to third.99
9thGuerrero Jr. hit sacrifice fly to center, Kiermaier scored.109