Scoring Summary


4thAlonso homered to left (366 feet), Lindor scored.20
4thEscobar homered to left (371 feet), McNeil scored.40
4thNimmo doubled to left, Guillorme scored.50
5thSabol homered to center (423 feet).51
5thWade Jr. homered to left center (373 feet).52
5thYastrzemski singled to center, Estrada scored, Conforto to third.53
5thConforto scored on Senga wild pitch, Yastrzemski to second on wild pitch by Senga.54
6thMcNeil homered to right (355 feet).64
7thAlonso singled to center, Canha scored and Lindor scored, Alonso to second.84
7thMcNeil singled to center, Alonso scored, Vogelbach to second.94
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