Scoring Summary


1stPederson singled to right, Wade Jr. scored.01
2ndEstrada homered to left center (413 feet).02
3rdLindor doubled to left, Marte scored.12
4thCanha hit sacrifice fly, McNeil scored, Canha to first on fielding error by right fielder Conforto, Baty to second, Vogelbach to third.22
4thNimmo hit sacrifice fly to center, Vogelbach scored.32
4thSabol singled to right, Estrada scored, Crawford to third.33
4thWisely grounded into fielder's choice to second, Crawford scored, Sabol out at second.34
6thÁlvarez homered to left center (368 feet).44
8thYastrzemski doubled to center, Pederson scored.45
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