Scoring Summary


1stRooker homered to left (358 feet).10
1stAguilar homered to left center (396 feet).20
2ndK. Smith homered to left (385 feet), A. Díaz scored and Pérez scored.50
2ndDrury homered to left center (441 feet).51
3rdRooker homered to left (365 feet).61
3rdAguilar homered to center (393 feet).71
3rdWallach homered to center (438 feet).72
6thRendon doubled to left, Ohtani scored and Trout scored.74
6thWallach singled to right, Rendon scored, Rengifo to second, Drury to third.75
6thNeto doubled to left, Drury scored and Rengifo scored, Wallach to third.77
7thDrury singled to center, Renfroe scored.78
9thRooker walked, Noda scored, Capel to second, Kemp to third.88
10thNoda doubled to left, Langeliers scored and Peterson scored, Noda to third.108
10thKemp singled to right, Noda scored.118
10thDrury homered to right center (380 feet), Renfroe scored.1110
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