Scoring Summary


1stRiley singled to center, Acuña Jr. scored.01
3rdChisholm Jr. homered to center (418 feet).11
4thGrissom singled to right, Murphy scored, Rosario to third.12
4thHilliard singled to left, Rosario scored, Grissom to second.13
4thPillar doubled to left, Grissom scored, Hilliard to third.14
6thAlbies homered to left center (400 feet).15
8thDe La Cruz singled to center, Hampson scored, Soler to second.25
8thGarcía singled to left, Soler scored, De La Cruz to second.35
8thRosario homered to left (362 feet).36
8thAlbies homered to left center (400 feet).37
9thGurriel homered to left (349 feet).47
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