Scoring Summary


5thPillar walked, Murphy scored, Rosario to second, Grissom to third.01
5thTromp singled to left, Grissom scored, Pillar to second, Rosario to third.02
5thAcuña Jr. grounded into fielder's choice to second, Rosario scored, Tromp safe at second on error by shortstop Hampson, Pillar to third.03
5thOlson grounded into fielder's choice to third, Pillar scored, Acuña Jr. to second, Tromp out at third.04
9thGurriel singled to right, Arraez scored, Segura to third.14
9thGarcía singled to left, Segura scored, Gurriel to third.24
9thChisholm Jr. singled to right, Gurriel scored, Berti to third.34
9thCooper doubled to center, Berti scored and Chisholm Jr. scored.54
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