Scoring Summary


1stSánchez hit a ground rule double, Chisholm Jr. scored and Arraez scored, Gurriel to third.02
1stGurriel scored on Kilian wild pitch, Sánchez to third on wild pitch by Kilian.03
1stStallings singled to center, Sánchez scored, Segura to second.04
1stChisholm Jr. hit by pitch, Segura scored, Hampson to second, Stallings to third.05
2ndWisdom homered to left center (418 feet), Mancini scored.25
3rdChisholm Jr. singled to right, Hampson scored.26
4thSánchez singled to right, Arraez scored, Gurriel to third.27
6thBellinger homered to right (411 feet).37
6thHoerner flied into sacrifice double play, left to shortstop to second, Mancini scored, Hosmer thrown out at third.47
8thGomes reached on infield single to third, Bellinger scored, Wisdom to second, Velázquez to third.57
8thHoerner grounded out to second, Velázquez scored, Gomes to second, Wisdom to third.67
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