Scoring Summary


1stRuiz homered to left center (412 feet).01
2ndDuran doubled to center, Jung scored.11
2ndRuiz grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Langeliers scored, Allen out at second, Smith to third.12
3rdGrossman doubled to left, Thompson scored, Semien thrown out at home.22
4thTaveras hit sacrifice fly to center, Heim scored, Duran to third.32
4thSmith homered to left center (433 feet).33
5thHeim reached on infield single to third, Lowe scored, Jung to second.43
5thPérez homered to left (406 feet).44
6thGrossman homered to right (365 feet).54
8thRuiz singled to center, Peterson scored, Allen to second.55
10thGarcía singled to left, Duran scored, J. Smith to third.65
10thSemien singled to right, J. Smith scored, García to second.75
10thRuiz singled to right, Allen scored.76
10thRooker homered to left center (408 feet), Ruiz scored and Bleday scored.79
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