Scoring Summary


1stWalker homered to left center (390 feet), Rivera scored.20
1stRooker singled to right, Ruiz scored.21
3rdAllen homered to left (381 feet).22
4thLaureano homered to left center (402 feet).23
5thRivera doubled to left, Fletcher scored and Marte scored.43
5thGurriel Jr. homered to left center (413 feet), Rivera scored.63
5thPérez singled to center, Rooker scored, A. Díaz to second.64
7thAhmed doubled to center, Carroll scored.74
7thMoreno singled to left, Ahmed scored.84
7thNoda homered to center (424 feet), Rooker scored, A. Díaz scored and Pérez scored.88
12thRuiz reached on infield single to shortstop, Laureano scored, Allen to second, Peterson to third.89
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