Scoring Summary


4thParedes hit a ground rule double, B. Lowe scored.10
7thSiri homered to right center (389 feet).20
7thVientos homered to center (414 feet), Canha scored.22
8thB. Lowe homered to right (366 feet), Arozarena scored.42
9thArozarena reached on infield single to shortstop, J. Lowe scored.52
9thÁlvarez homered to left center (426 feet), Vogelbach scored and Marte scored.55
10thRamírez singled to center, Walls scored.65
10thJ. Lowe singled to right, Ramírez scored, J. Lowe out stretching at second.75
10thAlonso homered to left center (416 feet), Nimmo scored and McNeil scored.78
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