Scoring Summary


1stMurphy singled to center, Acuña Jr. scored.01
1stRosario homered to right (383 feet), Murphy scored and Riley scored.04
2ndMartinez homered to left center (401 feet).14
4thMuncy grounded out to first, Freeman scored.24
4thPeralta tripled to right, Martinez scored.34
5thFreeman homered to right (354 feet), Rojas scored and Betts scored.64
5thMurphy grounded into fielder's choice to shortstop, Acuña Jr. scored, Olson out at second.65
6thBetts singled to left, Rojas scored, Betts to second.75
7thMartinez homered to center (414 feet).85
8thOzuna doubled to right, Rosario scored.86
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