Scoring Summary


1stMeneses singled to right, Thomas scored.01
2ndGrisham homered to left (376 feet), Dixon scored.21
5thBogaerts singled to center, Tatis Jr. scored, Soto to third.31
5thOdor doubled to left, Bogaerts scored and Soto scored.51
7thCandelario doubled to right, García scored, Meneses to third.52
7thDickerson singled to left, Meneses scored, Candelario to third.53
7thSmith singled to right, Candelario scored, Dickerson to second.54
7thCall reached on bunt single to pitcher, Dickerson scored on throwing error by pitcher Martinez, Call to second, Smith safe at third on error.55
7thRuiz reached on infield single to second, Smith scored, Call to third.56
9thOdor homered to right (369 feet), Cronenworth scored and Soto scored.86
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