Scoring Summary


1stHenderson doubled to right, Frazier scored and Rutschman scored.02
2ndRutschman walked, Urías scored, Frazier to second, Mateo to third.03
2ndSantander tripled to right, Mateo scored, Frazier scored and Rutschman scored.06
2ndHays hit sacrifice fly to right, Santander scored.07
4thBell singled to right, Rosario scored, Naylor to third.17
5thHenderson singled to left, Santander scored.18
6thBell hit sacrifice fly to center, Ramírez scored.28
6thGiménez doubled to right, Naylor scored.38
7thNaylor singled to center, Straw scored and Zunino scored, Rosario to second.58
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