Scoring Summary


1stRamírez doubled to left, Kwan scored on error, Ramírez safe at third on throwing error by shortstop Mateo.10
2ndMateo doubled to right, Hicks scored, O'Hearn to third.11
2ndMcKenna singled to center, O'Hearn scored and Mateo scored.13
2ndRutschman reached on infield single to second, McKenna scored, Frazier to third.14
3rdGiménez singled to left, Naylor scored and Ramírez scored, Giménez to second, Bell to third.34
3rdO'Hearn doubled to center, Hicks scored.35
4thNaylor homered to center (401 feet), Kwan scored.55
4thBell homered to left (418 feet).65
4thSantander homered to center (423 feet), Rutschman scored.67
5thNaylor doubled to center, Gallagher scored, Rosario scored and Kwan scored.97
5thArias homered to center (441 feet), Naylor scored.117
5thO'Hearn grounded into fielder's choice to second, Henderson scored, Hicks out at second.118
7thNaylor singled to left, Ramírez scored.128
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